Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Diamonds are Forever

With the release of the new James Bond movie 'Skyfall' it seems only fitting that Wildfox pays tribute with a retro James Bond themed collection. 'Diamonds are Forever' is the new collection of Wildfox 2013 swimwear which displays both British and American patriotic prints. The lovely Cintia Dicker stars in the shoot as a 'bad-ass bond spy'.

They describe the new collection as “A totally American girl who lives for traveling. She dreams of England and hotel rooms, she loves flowers and diamonds, and she loves decadence! She’s a Bond Girl, a 60’s bombshell who dyes her hair all shades of colors and meets beautiful men everywhere she goes.  She wakes up at six in the morning to catch the sunrise and does laps in her giant, turquoise pool. She is always ready to pack her bags and fly to another country, stay in another hotel, she travels lightly, packs bikinis, sparkly dresses and beach cover ups. This girl always has her swimsuit in her purse or her glove compartment, she's always ready for her next big adventure, and she's always ready to make new friends... wherever she goes.”

The collection also showcases an assortment of other beach accessories such as beach towels, pants, cover-ups, rompers and oversized tee's. A great item is the best friend beach towel made for two.

WOW I love Wildfox

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love ohsococo

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  1. i love this editorial! beautiful photographs :) x


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