Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You Lazy Oaf

I dont know what it is about this brand but I just love their quirky and slightly kitch style. Lazy Oaf is a print and illustration based company who have a huge cult following among the street scene in the UK. They sell clothing, jewellery, accessories, stationary and art for men and women.

Lazy Oaf has said "19 Fouberts Place (in East London) is where you will find the finest selection of Oaf wear, including exclusive limited edition prints. The shop regularly produces events and exhibitions to introduce new collections and products to customers and super fans. Previous events have included the The Lazy Oaf Drawing Club that created a drawing frenzy amongst fellow illustrators and exhibited contributions from drawers worldwide"

I love this fun and colourful 'SAY WHAT' dress :)

So head on down and be prepared to have your minds blown!
What do you think? Kitsch or Cool?

till next time
love ohsococo


  1. Their website is amazing, and this is one of my absolute FAVORITE brands. I love clothes with a touch of whimsy, and I think that for a lot of really fun guys and girls out there, Lazy Oaf's clothes represent them perfectly without trying to appeal to any particular cultural subset (hipsters, skaters, punk, etc.). I thought the last skirt was my favorite item until the Capsule Collection came out, and the Say What Dress because my must-have item!
    Great post!
    (See here for how I styled my first-ever Lazy Oaf purchase:

    ♥, Khadijat

  2. OMG I loooove your lookbook and that skirt looks FAB on you :)
    and I completely agree with everything you said about Lazy Oaf's multi-sub culture appeal.

    That Say What dress is so great, Im thinking about ordering it soon. Do you order your clothes online? You are from SA right?


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