Monday, 1 October 2012

Trend Alert: The Graphic Tee

Molly Constable hangs out at the skate park with the boys in this dressed down, 1970’s style shoot. She was dressed by Samantha Chadwick in skate inspired clothing such as denim waistcoats, high top boots, bandanas, graphic tee’s and leggings. I love how photographer Attilio D’Agostino added in action shots of the boys skating and chilling on the sidelines.

The graphic tee is going to be a key trend for the up and coming summer season. They are so easy to wear (as well as flattering) and give you an edgy casual cool look. Here are some t-shirt styles to look out for when picking your graphic tee:

Dropped Armholes:

The Cropped Tee:

Cut-off Sleeves:

Band Tee's:

Knotted Tee's (easy to do with any oversized tee):

The Fringed or Dip Dyed Tee:

Whats great about graphic tee's is that with a cardie, stockings and boots you have the perfect grunge winter outfit too. So next time you are shopping remember these tips to find your perfect graphic tee.

till next time
love ohsococo


  1. Love graphic tees. All of these are awesome.

  2. Oh great skateboarding shots,love them! I also really like that skull head band.



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