Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Presenting: Rita Ora

So who is this gorgeous call that 'Asos' has marked as a style icon? Well Rita Ora is the new Rhianna of course as well as Jay-Z's protegee. The British singer songwriters style is described as 'punkish tartan and decadent baroque worn with a khaki parka (the headline piece of the season) and a sick embellished bomber. Her signature red lip and that girl-done-good smile finishes the look. '

Her style makes a great (and contradictory) mix of high fashion feminine-street grunge punk and she compares her style to Gwen Stefani and Rhianna.

Asos has a celeb 'Get the look' section for Rita and I am absolutely loving it. Head to the site to find out how to imitate the stars unique style.

My fav outfit on the site consists of this teaspoon 'goldrush' embellished bodysuit, stunning denim shorts mixed with chunky grunge gold jewellery and black flatforms. 
All available on Asos.

What do you think of Rita Ora?
till next time
love ohsococo


  1. I'm sorry but I don't like Rita Ora :(

  2. awww.... oh well :)
    I think shes got a cute grungy style

    how bout my asos outfit? :p


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