Friday, 17 August 2012

Like a Doll

Heather Benning, a Canadian sculptor, discovered an abandoned old house in Saskatchewan Canada. She somehow saw a project in this and over 18 months turned the house into a beautiful lifesize dollhouse. The house had been empty since the 1960's and was donated to her by the owners. She began to transform the inside to portray a tomb-like dollhouse interior, keeping the layout generally the same. It is encapsulating a time that will never exist again. She closed up the house with Plexi-glass, making it inaccessible like a real dollhouse. She also left the exterior as it was to show the passage of time the house has gone through.
Wouldn't you love to live there?

To end I have paired off this post with a creepy and amazing editorial from one of my favourite photographers, Tim Walker. Lindsey Wixson plays a dreamy, wide eyed doll (reminiscent of Angelina in Girl Interrupted) for Vogue Italia. Lindsey is styled in sugar spun parfait sweets by Jacon K with hair and makeup by Sam Bryant.

Now you can dress and live like a doll :p

till next time
love ohsococo


  1. about me? sorry i don't get it :)
    lindsey is amazing! <3

  2. i was just saying your latest post was very cute and doll like... could have used you in my post :P


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