Friday, 20 July 2012

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Something you literally cannot get away from online at the moment is Nasty Gal. Such an amazing brand. They have taken over the web with advertising and AMAZING clothing and shoes. What I love about them is that they do current trendy clothing as well as vintage. These are a few of my fav vintage picks. You can click on the pics to go to the site.

Super hot vintage black leather bustier for a bad-ass yet feminine look :P $128.00

This Betsey Johnson 80's black corset dress looks fab with platform boots for a night look. It would also look great with pumps and oversized sunnies for a 1950's day look $370

This vintage cream bustier has a beautiful open back and sweetheart neckline. It would make for a great festival look $88

But my favourite thing on the whole site is this pair of shoes. I would actually kill for these babies. How fab are the heels?

Cross Heel Boots $400

Nasty Gal has some gorgeous shoes that are definitely worth checking out for a punk inspired 70's or grungy 90's look.

Too cool :)

till next time
love ohsococo


  1. I love their stuff! If only I had some spare cash.

  2. If I had $400 those shoes would be in my cupboard. Thats R3380 where I am.

    Hellishly expensive.

    But I so would :p

  3. Thos cross heel boots are amazing! But unfortunately definitely out of my price range!


  4. Interesting shoes :) I'm following you now :)

  5. Love those cross heel boots, and the courts with the spikes are amazing! <3

  6. There's some lovely things - a bit too pricey for me, though, unfortunately. Maybe one day! Haha.


  7. Me too dont worry!! Its nice to dream though :P

    Thanks for all the comments you lovely people :)


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