Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Glam & The Grunge

Growing up in the ninties I never really had much appreciation for the fashion or the chunky heels. But this season has completely revived my inner grunge queen and im channeling my inner 90's Kate Moss and even a little Courtney Love (in her good days) mixed with the glam of all the top 90's supermodels :) DSquared has quickly become one of my favourite designers and their new 2013 Resort Collection is the epitome of what I am loving at the moment.

Fashion Gone Rogue says "Posing in biker couture looks, Cara waits by a pay phone in flirtatious ensembles sure to catch any guy’s eye. For the evening wear section, the Catens offer renaissance maxi gowns in black paired with leather jackets."

I am completely infatuated with this glam biker grunge look. Definately a style trend to inspire your wardrobe this season.

Loving all the gold

Cara is looking HOT in hot pink :)

*ohsococo's FAV photo above*

till next time
love ohsococo

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