Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spirited Away

Stylist Chloe Andrea and photographer Sivan Miller take a leap into the fantastical with a new shoot done for 'A Fashion Friend'. This all South African cast has created a dreamlike story, based upon artist/film maker/animator sensation Hayao Miyazaki (Look out for the STUNNING  visual effects created by Russel Goodman within the shoot). The contrast of pastel girlishness with industrial machinery as well as the ethereal backgrounds of hot air balloons and hidden creatures amongst the foliage provide the perfect backdrop for this imaginative shoot. Chloe Andrea, stylist extraordinaire, says

"Spirited Away is about a young girl who's physical appearance tells us she is fragile and innocent, but the opposite inside. It's meant to depict a sense of strength and independence in all women and to jump head first into Miyazaki's world of flying objects, machinery, industrial landscapes and sense of adventure".

Photographer: Sivan Miller
Stylist: Chloe Andrea
MUA: Kristy Cochius
Assistant: Zak Caralis
VFX: Russel Goodman
Art Direction: Chloe Andrea & Sivan Miller
Concept: Chloe Andrea
Model: Ines @ Boss Models

 *ohsococo's FAV shot*

Miss Andrea believes that when working on a story like this creativity should be holistic amongst it's members. There should never be a hierarchy of one persons ideas being more important then the next. Without a clear and open work environment, real collaboration cannot take place. 

With a Tim Walker-esque feel (see my previous post) this shoot is pushing the boundaries and roles within South African fashion and I applaud the crew for a job well done

Keep a look out for her next editorial in A Fashion Friend  in Issue #17.

till next time
love ohsococo

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