Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Blast from the Dior Past

One of my favourite retro inspired collections was the Galliano for Dior Spring/Summer 11 Haute Couture Collection. He was inspired by René Gruau a famous illustrator from the 40’s who created some of the House of Diors most iconic images. The collection screams 40’s/50’s glamour and the entire show looks extremely theatrical with exaggerated gestures from the models. It is reminiscent of the romantic 1950’s housewife juxtaposed with a femme fatale dark streak. This cheeky collection included cinched in waists with alligator belts, a-line skirts, origami style folds within outfits, pencil skirts, gorgeous shoes and fabulous red lipstick. Completely unwearable but isn’t that the point of couture ;)

René Gruau

The Collection:

dont you love it?

till next time
love ohsococo

1 comment:

  1. If Lady Gaga were to go to a ball.... and dress down by 50%,
    I rate this is something she'd look into wearing... especially the darker pieces at the top...

    very cool!!! :)


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