Friday, 23 March 2012

Whimsical Wildfox Jewels

Ohsococo's favorite label Wildfox has produced a fun and quirky jewellery range that embodies their California Girl aesthetic. This seasons range runs around Love and Cowboys with hearts, guns, rosaries and skulls. (Have a look at my last Wildfox post 'Oh Baby, Lets Be Outlaws'.)

You can check out Wildfox Jewellery and buy pieces here. Key pieces for me are the Rosaries, red and gold 'Wildfox' bracelet and Cow Skull rings

Ohsococo's Fav Pieces

till next time
love ohsococo


  1. Oh my.... how amazing?!
    Hey is york still gnna make us the bff rosaries???

    one can be black and one white, and then we can swop and wear both :p

  2. Yes... definitely! I hope my jewellery range looks just like this :)


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