Monday, 6 February 2012

Im with the band

I think I need these. Cant wait to find out where they are available. I would rock these with black stockings and ankle boots for a winter night out. How glam!

Check these Garage Glitter "Knicker Shorts" out on the Lisp website

Wow so today I came across Lisp. This stunning label is reminiscent of a truly South African 
Wildfox (my favorite casual label). Lisp's grunge style is perfect to dress up or down and you know you are going to look fabulous in any one of their pieces. Their profile reads "Lisp is about living out Rock and Roll. It’s about a drunken school night, it’s about having your favorite song stuck in your head for the whole day, about washing your hair over the sink while only wearing heels and about looking and feeling like royalty no matter what you do"

I absolutely love them and this is definitely going to be a label to look out for South Africa. 

Go check out their shop and get one of their hot items while you still can <3

till next time


  1. love your blog Jade!going keep my eye on it*

  2. Thank you so much :)

    I am in love with your brand... and your writing style.

    Utterly amazing <3


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